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HYDRO MASTER in Tuticorin the name itself has the strength to tackle difficulties in the work, giving out a complete solution for the hydro jetting related works for many industrial-cleaning applications like condensor cleaning for both onshore & marine related industries and process it and give it up within the offered time with high quality of workmanship using a very advanced technology.

Scope Of Work

HYDRO MASTER plays a vital role in the hydro jetting process which is supported by one of the leading companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, that is BOILER MASTER, With there enriched technical support. Hydro jetting is a method to rescale / clean industrial equipment like heat exchangers, furnaces, coolers etc, by the use of water at very high working pressures. Hydro jetting works completely lies on the energy of water striking a surface / fouling material to achieve the desired cleaning effect. The equipment consists of a high-pressure triplex pump which is either diesel / electric driven complete with all accessories and trained manpower to complete the job on required time.

Hydro jetting Applications

Condenser Internal tube cleaning up to 25,000 PSI Tube ID 13m,m to 2inch

Economizer Cleaning

Air pre heater (APH) cleaning up to 3000 PSI

Tank & Vessel cleaning

Heat Exchanger internal and external cleaning

Boiler & Super Heater Cleaning

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