Our Projects

Industry Application
Petrochemical & Fertilizer units, Refineries, Specialty chemicals Cleaning of Heat Exchangers, boilers, coolers, storage tanks & vessels, cooling towers, furnace tubes, pipelines, polymer blasting etc. Hard carbon, polymer removal, PVC and PVA removal from heat exchangers etc.
Marine / Oilfields Removals lose paint & rust from ship hulls, docks, ballasts, platforms etc., and surface preparation for re painting. Under water applications in cleaning pipelines, drilling platforms etc
Aluminum Plant Hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, evaporator bodies, heater tubes, pipelines etc.
Cement Plant Remove dirt, grease and product build up in grates, floors, external piping, bins, walls, hopper cars, rotary kilns etc.
Power plants Furnace walls, condenser tube cleaning
Automotive Paint & solder removal from booths, machinery, grating & conveyors etc
Sugar Mills, Paper & Pulp industry Cleaning of boiler tubes & evaporator tubes, foundries, press sections, screens and rollers of paper machines etc.
Pharmaceuticals Re boilers, crystallize condensers, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors, driers, and pipelines.
Food processing Grease, fats, oils, dirt removal, food residues from vats, ovens, conveyors etc.
Pipe industry Pre commissioning cleaning, removal of rust and varnish prior to re coating, clearing debris in pipes (internal & external)