It is the policy of the company to provide, maintain and improve, insofar as possible, safe and healthy working conditions at each of its operation sites, install in every employee safe working habits and attitudes and to provide the training, rules, and discipline for safe working practise on the job. Every person regardless of position has the obligation placed upon them including a duty of care to all other people, To familiarise themselves and observes company safety rules and regulations, and conform to code of practices. To know their environment, understand safe work procedures and instruction and apply them in their work. To maintain good house keeping and maintain a safe work place. Given training to report unsafe conditions, places and equipment. Given training to use correct personal protective equipment. Such safety policy we have to have a safe progress in the project, and to have environmental friendly with workers and the related surrounding safety. Hence we have good, safe, and well talented knowledged workmanship with better guiders from the key managements.